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Bear with me, I know this is a strange picture…
There was an outdoor festival the day I was at Ambleside Park and this was an art installation. Made from sustainable greens, it sprays a light mist while you walk under it to cool off.
I thought it was pretty neat.
Cityscape underneath Lions Gate Bridge.
View of Lions Gate Bridge from Ambleside Park.
A little update

… *crickets chirping*

I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I took the summer off to actually enjoy the summer, so I didn’t end up bringing my camera with me everywhere.

However, I do have a queue lined up for the next couple of weeks, a new photo each day. I will also be doing some cleaning/deleting around here because I’ve realized some photos are not up to my personal standard.

In other news, the design work I did for my cousin’s wedding last year got retweeted by the Vancouver Canucks official Twitter account, so I’m really happy about that! Will be adding that neat tidbit to the projects section soon.

As always, thanks for following!